Our four preschool classes provide a carefully selected balance of informal learning exploration and formal teacher directed activities.  The children work individually and in small and large groups engaged in a wide variety of play, socialization, and learning experiences.  We offer the following preschool programs:

Class Ages Teachers
Turtle 2-1/2 (toilet trained) to 3-1/2 Ann Radovich, Jenn Valdez, Jasmine Sproule
Frog 3, turning 4 Christina Johnson, Lori Ann Whiteman, Judie Renaud
Teddy Bear 3, turning 4 Greta McDonald, Elizabeth McDade, Carolyn Nevshehirlian
Smiley Face 4, turning 5 Linda Reid, Linda Massimilla
Shining Star 4, turning 5 Theresa Suplee, Sandy Johnson