“We love the nurturing, caring and welcoming environment at Joyful Noise. I often say as a working mom that I have peace knowing my children are in the care of all the teachers at Joyful Noise…. We feel blessed that our children are starting out their educational and spiritual journey with the staff of Joyful Noise.” – Theresa Scian


“Joyful Noise has a very special place in my heart for many reasons. I love all of the teachers and staff. I have never been involved with an organization that felt so “at home”….. Tait is my “baby” and watching him grow and learn is so amazing. He talks about all of the things he learns at school and shares his special moments with us every day. I can’t imagine him being anywhere else.” -Rebecca Christianson


“Our sons have become part of a special community at Joyful Noise while gaining an education intertwined with strong Christian values. Both boys had attended other preschools prior to Joyful Noise, but were “home” when they joined the Joyful Noise School. The teachers and staff not only work hard to develop and teach our children, but they truly LOVE each child. Our children enjoy learning, playing and creating each day and we are so happy to be part of the Joyful Noise Family.” – Kari, Sean, Liam and Sullivan McCloskey


“Over the past five years our family has been through ups and downs, just like all families. It has meant so much to us that we could always drop Brady and Bridgett off at school and know that they would be shown care, support and love at school, even when we couldn’t be there all day with them. We are truly grateful for all of you!”
– Chris and Kelly Cole


“As the girls’ two years at Joyful Noise comes to an end, we wanted to take a minute to say Thank You! Thank you for giving Lila, Olivia and Ava such a warm and loving environment to learn! They loved every minute of school! The girls’ time with your amazing staff has been a blessing!”
– Mike and Lisa Zink


“As first time parents, there may be nothing more frightening than letting your baby out into the world without you. There has not been a moment since the day we walked into Joyful Noise that we have ever regretted our decision. Maddie’s time as a preschooler has undoubtedly set her up for a lifetime of learning.”
– Nick and Amanda Italiano


“Within the confines of the classroom, the amount of growth and development we have seen from her over the past ten months has been remarkable, both academically and socially. We are extremely confident that she is prepared for kindergarten.”
– Nick and Amanda Italiano


“The moment I walked through the doors of Joyful Noise I knew God had guided me ‘home.’ The staff, children and pastoral staff guided our whole family to a safe, secure and enriching environment praising God’s love.”
– Karen Acerbo


“Thank you so much for the hard work you do each day. You are truly special people and you play such a big role in the lives of these little people. Thank you for always treating Grace so well and greeting her with smiles every day.”
– Greg and Janice Donia


“Each and every staff member has demonstrated the love of Christ through their service and commitment to the children. It has been a blessing to my life and Isaiah’s.”
– Noelle Borda


“We are so grateful for the whole school experience that our son, Jack, has received at Joyful Noise. The teachers and helpers all get to know all the students and make them feel welcomed and loved. A hug is never turned away and that is a rare experience to find these days. I know academics are important but I’m so grateful to see the important lessons Jack needs to learn such as sharing, patience, manners, gratitude and learning about Christ that are such an important foundation for his future.”
– Jeff and Kim DeNick


“I cannot measure nor describe the impact you each have made on our family. Austin and Connor received an excellent foundation for a lifetime of education. They received a spiritual foundation for a life long walk with Christ. They received a feeling of being loved and valued by each teacher they had. These things are not to be measured but are ever so invaluable.”
– The Powell Family


“It takes not only a good curriculum and lesson plan but a great deal of trust and comfort to leave your child with strangers. All of you have made this process, not only tolerable, but terrific….”
– Daniele Clibanoff


“You’ve all been a very special part of our lives. We thank you for your simplicity, for all the beautiful songs of praise our children sing each night before they nod off to sleep (truly a joyful noise) and most for teaching them that through faith in God all things are possible.”
– The Iula Family